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I'll never shop without her again!

“For years, I’ve bought clothes that look great in the dressing room only to realize when I came home that the color or style wasn’t right for me. Shopping with Tara was nothing less than a transformative experience. Her keen insight into what colors, cuts, and styles worked for my body type was top notch. With her encouragement, I tried clothes on that I would have never even taken off the rack and found that they looked great.

More importantly, I learned what works for my body type and personal style and how to take a few key staple items and pair them together to create outfits to build on all season long. The time, money and frustration that I’ve saved from shopping and learning from Tara was incredible, I’ll never shop without her again!”

Cleveland Park DC


Thanks to Tara...I love getting dressed in the morning!

"Thanks to Tara...I love getting dressed in the morning! Through closet editing, we pruned my existing closet to a core of favorite pieces and then complimented with fresh fashion finds. Working with Tara helped me build a full wardrobe...clothes, shoes, bags, and accessories...that work together. Now my closet is stocked with pieces I love and my look comes together effortlessly!"



Perfect shopping companion!

“As a working mother of two, I never quite felt put together,' until I shopped with Tara Luizzi from tarastylesdc. Tara effortlessly and efficiently selected a wardrobe for me that works with my busy lifestyle.

She listened to me from a style and budget perspective, and put together an amazing selection of pieces that work together and fit with all occasions. She knew just when to push me (my favorite grey wedges!!) and now I truly look forward to getting dressed. She is a pleasure to be with and is the perfect shopping companion!"




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