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Enter Tara Luizzi and all that changed...

“As a professional woman often in the public eye I would find myself spending too much time every morning trying to figure out what to wear, too much money buying things that looked good in the dressing room but sat in my closet with tags on and too much energy on my quest to look classy and modern, but not trendy. Enter Tara Luizzi and all that changed.

First we went “shopping” in my closet, identifying “outfits” that I never knew I had.

Next, she made a list of what I needed, followed by a shopping trip to fill in the holes.
Then she pulled it all together, leaving me with a closet full of easy to assemble, stylish
looks that has not only given me my time back in the morning and a feeling of confidence as I get dressed each day, but will ultimately save me money as I no longer feel the need to give in to those impulse purchases that once dominated my wardrobe.

Tara’s great fashion sense, warm and easygoing personality and willingness to go the extra mile for you make her that “best friend” we all want in our PDA!”

Potomac, MD


I now feel more confident with my wardrobe and how I look.

“For over 8 years, Tara has helped me with my wardrobe as my life has changed and evolved. From getting married, to having children, to going back to work, Tara has assisted me in completing a wardrobe that suits each new phase of life. She has also guided me in cementing my personal style, so whatever I choose, I still look like me.

Her recession-friendly philosophy of focusing on accessories to change up a wardrobe has completely changed how I shop. I now spend less on shirts, pants, and skirts, but more on accessories like shoes, bags, jewelry, scarves, and jackets, etc. Ultimately, with Tara’s assistance I now feel more confident with my wardrobe and how I look”.

Chevy Chase DC


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