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Tara exudes confidence and style herself so I appreciated and trusted her immediately!

I had always wanted to work with a stylist but it seemed too extravagant and expensive for me to do for myself.  Then I had a baby and I realized it wasn't too extravagant at all.
Tara actually saved me money and more importantly precious time with my newborn!  

My husband gave me time with Tara as a Christmas present (I told him that's what I wanted) and it ended up being the best gift he has ever given me!  I was getting ready to go back to work.  None of my clothes were fitting as I still haven't gotten back to my pre-pregnancy weight and they were all outdated.  The first two hours Tara flew through my closet and purged everything I needed to get rid of, sell or alter.  It would have taken me weeks to go through what we covered in 2 hours.  Tara was decisive, clear and quick.  She exudes confidence and style herself so I appreciated and trusted her immediately!

That evening she sent me a detailed list of what my wardrobe was missing.  I went shopping and handed the list to the sales person so they could pull items while I started trying things on.

Call Tara and book some time with her so she can make your life easier and help you look fabulous!  

Washington, DC


Tara Gets My Highest Recommendation

She is a miracle worker-- with humor and great taste she has organized and transformed my closet and helped my find my personal style.  I am also saving money by eliminating all those "mistake" purchases!

Arlington, VA


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