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“Fashion is not just what we wear. Rather, it expresses who and what we are as individuals.”

tarastylesdc is a Personal Wardrobe Consulting and Styling Service provided by Tara Luizzi. Tara has more than 15 years of experience in the fashion industry working for top boutiques, including Bergdorf Goodman, Louis Boston, and Relish, in New York, Boston, and Washington D.C.

As an apparel and accessories buyer, boutique manager, and visual merchandiser,
Tara has been involved in every major facet of the fashion industry and has spent years working one on one with clients as a personal stylist at some of the top independent boutiques on the East Coast. As a result of this wide range of experience, she has honed her expertise and talent to help her clients – both men and women – discover their individual style, understand their body types and learn what cuts fit them best, and ultimately, create their own “working wardrobe.”

To assemble the working wardrobe, Tara shows clients how to find key, quality articles of clothing and accessories that serve as the foundation of the wardrobe and / or enhances and updates existing items and outfits already in clients’ closets.

The result is an evergreen array of multiple, functional and stylish looks that suit clients’ body types, lifestyles, individual fashion sense and budgets. Clients look forward to opening their closets and choosing their outfits from a varied assortment of beautiful apparel and accessories that remain classic and fashionable from season to season.

Clients who have worked with Tara talk about their renewed self-confidence and
have praised her ability to help them identify the perfect collection of clothes and accessories that make them look and feel great. Read the testimonials to learn more.

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