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I Can't Wait For My Next Change Of Season Adventure With Tara!

Having been a professional woman in Washington DC for for the past 25 years, I found myself gradually losing my clothing personality and falling into the "DC uniform"...matching suit pieces and black clothing. Couple that with a bad habit for buying random pieces of clothing because they were on sale. It got to the point where I went to my full closet and had no idea what to wear. In came Tara. I started searching for a stylist to help me get my act together and called Tara because her website hit the right tone for me. However, as a nonshopper, I told my husband that I was not looking for a "shopping buddy," 

Imagine my delight when I met this vivacious, stylish, funny, creative, honest, adoreable woman who came over and helped my purge my closet.  I had so much fun and was able to shed years of fashion mistakes. The next thing I knew, I made a date to go shopping with Tara! Shopping with Tara was like shopping with one of your best friends who is willing to be honest with you about how clothes look and steer you away from future fashion snafus. Of course, she dropped many pearls of wisdom - what accesories worked with what pieces, how to mix and match clothing I owned etc - then I had Tara come back again to work with me on taking pieces from my wardrobe - old and new - and create outfits. She laid out pieces together - shoes and accessories as well- and snapped pictures of them so that even I can remember these clothing combinations that will keep me looking fashionable, professional but with more of my own personality in what I am wearing. All around a valuable, helpful and fun experience. I can't wait for my next change of season adventure with Tara!

Arlington, VA


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